Dorris Armstrong

Inducted 2013

Dorris Armstrong, born on April 1, 1943, carved a notable career in the sphere of high school athletics in Tennessee, culminating in his induction into the TSSAA Hall of Fame in 2013. Armstrong's journey began in 1966 when he started officiating baseball, a role he passionately embraced for over four decades. Throughout this period, Armstrong officiated in more than 40 years of postseason tournaments, including two TSSAA State Tournaments, marking him as a stalwart in the field.

In addition to his contributions to baseball, Armstrong also made significant strides in basketball officiating. Over a span of 37 years, he dedicated himself to refereeing basketball games with distinction. His expertise and fairness on the court were recognized as he worked post-season tournaments for over 30 years and officiated in two TSSAA State Basketball Tournaments—one for boys and another for girls—underscoring his versatility and commitment to excellence in high school sports officiating.

Beyond the playing fields and courts, Armstrong served as a baseball Assigning Officer for more than three decades in the Middle Tennessee area. This role saw him responsible for assigning umpires to games, a task that requires deep knowledge of the game, a keen eye for talent, and an unwavering commitment to maintaining the integrity of the sport.

Armstrong's career was not only defined by his officiating and assigning roles. He was also deeply involved in coaching and teaching, displaying a lifelong dedication to the development of young athletes. He coached football for 40 years until his retirement in 2004, including stints at Pearl, Cumberland, Whites Creek, McGavock, and Maplewood high schools. Furthermore, he ventured into wrestling coaching for three years, adding another layer to his diverse sporting repertoire.

Even after retirement, Armstrong continued to contribute to high school sports. He remained actively involved in officiating and serving as a baseball Assigning Officer. Additionally, he lent his experience and wisdom to the football team at Maplewood High School, demonstrating his enduring passion for nurturing young sports talents.

Armstrong's distinguished career and service to TSSAA were fittingly recognized with his 2013 Hall of Fame induction. His multifaceted contribution—spanning officiating, coaching, and mentoring—left an indelible mark on high school sports in Tennessee, making him a revered figure in the TSSAA community.

TSSAA Hall of Fame
Class: 2013
Category: Official

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