Chris Snoddy

Inducted 2024

Chris Snoddy's remarkable career in athletic training and dedication to student-athletes across Tennessee have deservedly earned him induction into the TSSAA Hall of Fame in 2024. His journey began as a student trainer at Lipscomb University from 1977 to 1981, where he would also spend a decade as the head trainer after graduating. Snoddy's influence extended to Goodpasture Christian School, where he served as Head Athletic Trainer for over 20 years, a testament to his commitment and expertise in the field of sports medicine.

Throughout his over 40 years in athletic training, Snoddy's contributions to sports and athletes were widely recognized. In 2004, Lipscomb University inducted him into their Hall of Fame, highlighting his significant impact both as an alumnus and professional. His exceptional service was further celebrated in 2012 when he was named "Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer" by the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA). Moreover, his leadership skills shone through during his tenure as President of the Tennessee Athletic Trainers Society from 2010 to 2014, where he made notable advancements in the profession.

Snoddy's profound influence on sports medicine in Tennessee was multifaceted. Beyond his roles in educational institutions, he was a Senior Athletic Trainer at Baptist Hospital’s Center for Sports Medicine and later joined Star Physical Therapy as an ATC, where he worked until 2023. His dedication to the health and safety of student-athletes was evident through his service on the TSSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee and his association with 11 TSSAA State championship teams.

In recognition of his enduring commitment and service, the TSSAA honored him with the Distinguished Service Award in 2022, further solidifying his legacy in Tennessee athletics. His extensive career not only highlights his professional accomplishments but also his relentless passion for sports medicine and the welfare of athletes. Chris Snoddy's induction into the TSSAA Hall of Fame is a fitting homage to his significant contributions and a life dedicated to the betterment of sports and athletes in Tennessee.

TSSAA Hall of Fame
Class: 2024
Category: Contributor

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