1999 Division II State Dual Wrestling Tournament Bracket

February 5 - February 6, 1999  ·  John Overton High School - Nasvhille, TN
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 Father Ryan
Game 4
Sat. Feb. 6 1:00 PM
 Harding Academy
 Father Ryan
Game 10
Sat. Feb. 6 7:00 PM
Father Ryan
Game 5
Sat. Feb. 6 1:00 PM

The 2nd Place Region team with the best record after matches 1-3 shall advance to the semi-finals. If all three teams have a 1-1 record, the tie-breaker criteria to break a dual meet tie shall be applied to all three teams for all three meets. If two teams are still tied after applying any criteria, you would then apply the result of their head to head meet.

The Semi-Finals (Meets 4 & 5) shall be set so that the runner-up team qualifying from Meets 1-3 and the champion from that region are in opposite brackets. The remaining two regions shall be blind drawn to the remaining positions.

When setting the consolation semi-finals (Meets 6 & 7), the region runners-up shall be placed so that they do not meet the champion from their region.

Consolation Contests

Feb 6 5:00 PM Game 8 Fifth Place Harding Academy 29, Christian Brothers 47
Feb 6 5:00 PM Game 9 Third Place McCallie 30, MBA 51

Runner-up Qualifying
Feb 5 Game 1 E2 vs. W2 McCallie 33, Christian Brothers 42
Feb 5 Game 2 M2 vs. E2 MBA 41, McCallie 31
Feb 5 Game 3 M2 vs. W2 MBA 42, Christian Brothers 28

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