Allen Richardson

Inducted 2016

  • Has assisted TSSAA with the state golf championships since 1987

  • Conducted rules meetings with participants at the state tournament

  • Organized and appointed rules officials for the TSSAA Region tournaments for close to 30 years

  • Began directing the entire TSSAA State Golf championships in 1998

  • Marking of course prior to state tournament

  • Lining up of rules officials to work TSSAA State Golf championships

  • Conducts coaches’ meeting prior to the start of each state golf tournament

  • Has held the TSSAA Rules Meetings required by all coaches across the state to attend since 1999

  • Has officiated for the USGA, NCAA, PGA of America and many local events

  • Member of the USGA’s Junior Championship Committee for 33 years

  • Officiated at 55 USGA Championships

  • Officiated 19 U. S. Open Championships

  • Has served on the rules committee for over 100 National Championships

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