Johnny Grimes

Inducted 2013

  • Currently in his 44th year in education

  • Has served the majority of his tenure in Marion County, Tennessee

  • Long-time coach of five different sports including football, basketball, baseball, golf, and wrestling

  • Coached a team in each of the five sports he coached in either the state tournament or state championship game

  • Played football for fellow TSSAA Hall of Famer, Bill Baxter

  • Served as an Assistant Principal for 18 years and Principal for 8 years at Marion Co. High School

  • After 35 years at Marion Co. High School, he went on to work at the Central Office as Supervisor of Student Affairs

  • Received a TSSAA A. F. Bridges Award for Principal of the Year in 2001, and Administrator of the Year in 2006

  • Became the Curriculum Director for Marion Co. in 2008

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