Championship Television Coverage

Telecasts of the state championship games are produced by the NFHS Network and distributed over a state-wide network of stations. Live streaming video is also available to those outside the coverage areas.

City Station
Nashville WNAP 58.1 CW (except below)
WUXP 30.1 MyTV, Mar. 3 Game 1
WUXP 30.1 MyTV, Mar. 10 All Games
WUXP 30.1 MyTV, Mar. 17 Game 3
Memphis WLMT 30.1 CW
Knoxville WVLT 8.2 MyVLT
Chattanooga WFLI 53.1 CW
Jackson JEA Cable EPlusTV6
Tri-Cities WCYB 5.2 CW (Mar. 3 & 10) WEMT 39.1 (Mar. 17)